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Brothers and Sisters: Welcome to the Baloch unity website, we are an organization founded to defend Balochistan and to forge the world wide Baloch activists and scholars and various Baloch organizations into a national movement to rebuild a common stand against the exploitations of our historical, social, cultural, political and economical rights in Pakistan and Iran. We need your active participation to do so. We must bring together, all revolutionary nationalists, socialists, student organizations, Baloch intellectuals, peasants, farmers, democrats and all Baloch tribal chiefs for achieving freedom for the Baloch nation from those who are trying to enslave them in every way. There is an urgent need for unity. This work is of particular importance in view of the increased pace of colonization that we are witnessing in Balochistan today: This leaves us with no choice but to struggle for our self-determination; we struggle in Pakistan and Iran against the ruthless exploitation of our natural resources. We have to defend our historical, cultural, political and social rights; the domination of the Baloch people by others and particularly the attempt by the enemy to turn us into minority in our own lands has to be resisted in every way. This situation cries out for resistance, and an organized fight for the survival and independence of Balochistan. This can only be achieved when we all give up our petty differences and unite for the greater goal of Independence.








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 PAKISTAN: The people of Balochistan have to bury the mutilated bodies of their loved ones almost every day of the week

January 31, 2012 56 more bullet riddled bodies of disappeared persons were found in Balochistan during the last six monthsThe disappearances and extr...

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 Baloch are in pains of life today

 You make Baloch youth disappear every day today, You torture them, brutally murder them today, Then like cowards you scatter their corpses at nights today, Baloch are treated as aliens in their own homeland today, Baloch are subjected to the brunt of the state terrorism today, You will f...

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 Six relatives of abducted Baloch students disappeared

  KARACHI: As missing persons’ issue remains a persistent problem for Pakistan’s southwestern Balochistan province, bodies of two ...


 BALOCHISTAN: 6 more Baloch kidnapped by FC forces in Panjgur

Feb 23, 2013 PANJGUR, Balochistan. Pakistani security Forces, Frontier Corps (FC) surrounded and raided several houses in early dawn in Chitkan area ofDistri...


 BALOCHISTAN: Baloch people to Protest in front of the White House. A peaceful protest rally is being organized by the Baloch community in North America in front of the White House to d...


 Balochistan violence: Insurgents kill 3 peace force personnel

According to Balochistan Levies sources, dozens of armed insurgents assaulted the post of the pro-government tribal militia post in the Tilli Mat area of Dera B...


 Rights violations: Protesters rally against FC in Balochistan

QUETTA:  The Baloch Human Rights Organisation (BHRO) on Saturday staged a demonstration outside the Quetta Press Club against the ongoing operation in Mas...

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by Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur on Sunday, September 30, 2012 There is no denying that Sardar Akhtar Mengal has influence but his capitulation has alienated many Baloch people and his...


 Text of Dr. Jumma Marri’s Speech at the UN

Balochistan is an unknown to the world not because its Baloch people are not subjected to atrocities since 27th March 1948 when Pakistan forcibly annexed them or that they are n...


 The starving Baloch nation on rich land

BY Dr JUMMA MARRI,   Baloch are facing their worst economic conditions today, old time’s life was simple few goats and small plot of land was enough to survive, families wer...


 Where is UN?

  Dr Jumma Khan Marri   Baloch are under intense cruelty today? Today Baloch people are under intensive cruelty and crimes which we should describe in few basic categ...



By Dr Jumma Khan Marri Balochistan vs. Pakistan What Balochistan has given to Pakistan? 1.       Its land mass 2.     &...

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 Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur’s speech at the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) conference at The Royal Society, London, Sunday 24 February 2013

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur’s speech at the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) conference at The Royal Society, London, Sunday 24 February 2013, 10am-3pm, entitled ‘Global and Regional Security Challenges in South Asia: What Future for Balochistan?’. The Royal Society – Kohn Centre, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London (U.K.) Speech transcript: Respected Chairman, ladies and gentleman, I want to thank the Royal Society and the UNPO for providing me the opportunity to present my views about Balochistan, their people and their plight, I...


 Baloch missing persons: A sister’s vigil

  BSO Azad has lost a number of its leader­s, but it still persis­ts with its strugg­le for the rights of the Baloch people­ By Mohammad Hanif Published: February 14, 2013 Farzana has spent the last four years of her life sitting in protest camps, turning up for court hearings, speaking at political rallies. PHOTO: REUTERS KARACHI: Farzana Majeed has done her masters in biochemistry from Balochistan University, and now is enrolled in the MPhil programme. If she wasn’t a Baloch she’d be either wearing a white coat and...


 Protest a MEMORANDUM addressed to UN Secretary-General Ban ki-moon

MEMORANDUM At the end of the protest a MEMORANDUM addressed to UN Secretary-General Ban ki-moon, along with facts and figures and photos of missing persons and a flayer titled "The case for Balochistan", was submitted by Dr. Wahid Baloch and Dr. Jumma Marri at the UN Secretariat-office.   September 18, 2012 To: The His Excellency Ban Ki-moon Secretary General United Nations, UN Secretariat, New York, NY 10007 Mr. Secretary-General, We would like to bring some of the facts about Balochistan to your kind attention and to the attention of ...


 Text of Dr. Wahid Baloch’s speech at the UN

September 18th, 2012 Ladies and Gentlemen: Today we are gathered here to register our protest against the Pakistani and Iranian crimes, injustices and human right violations against the Baloch people in occupied Balochistan. Today, we are gathered here to bring the attention of the UN Secretary-General and the world’s leaders who are gathered here at the UN for the 67th General assembly session, to the ongoing military operation and genocide against the Baloch people in Pakistani and Iranian occupied Balochistan. Mr. Secretary-General, Balochi...



July 07, 2012   B.RAMAN Against great odds, the Baloch freedom-fighters, who started their second war of independence in 2005, have managed to keep up their valiant struggle for the independence of their homeland. 2.Despite repression and torture by the Pakistani Army, its Frontier Corps and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the freedom-fighters, operating in different groups under different names, have managed to steadily weaken the hold of the Pakistani security forces and intelligence in their homeland and challenge the a...


 COMMENT : A mere ritual — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

  The provincial government openly admits that they have no say in the affairs and the FC runs a parallel government in BalochistanAs expected, the new prime minister, Raja Pervez Ashraf stated, “I categorically declare that Balochistan issue is on my priority list and I have invited disgruntled Baloch leaders to start dialogue with the government to resolve the crisis at the earliest.” He also regretted that Balochistan remained on low priority in the past, and therefore, its progress remained very slow. Anyone unfamiliar with Pakistani state’s a...

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 - Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

 31.07 - COMMENT: Saggaan ra kushaada-and, ‘o’ sing ra basta
 24.07 - COMMENT: Aung San Suu Kyi: the beacon — I
 24.07 - “COMMENT: Rolling back the tsunami
 03.07 - COMMENT: The judge, jury and the hangman
 03.07 - COMMENT: Not crazy, courageous

 -  Sanaullah Baloch

 07.01 - Judiciary, parliament silent on Baloch issues
 25.11 - Exploitation of Mineral Wealth
 24.10 - From Chile to Chagai
 26.09 - The Baloch agony in Pakistan
 26.08 - The great Baloch martyr

 - Aziz Baloch

 14.04 - A Message to Honorable Leaders of the Baloch "Nation"
 13.11 - A Voice of a Baloch
 27.09 - Two Women’s Tragedies in Balochistan: Honor Killing and Rape.
 25.08 - Self-determination of Balochistan: Looking Back and Looking Forward
 11.08 - United Nations: It’s Contribution to the Everlasting Balochistan Crisis

 Malik Siraj Akbar
 - ANALYSIS: Strategic mess

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